That Time Of Year

6 09 2008

So that time of year has came around again. The time where I am packing my life away to head back to university. And I just can’t be bothered to pack anything. I’m feeling so lethargic today for no apparent reason, and feel a nap coming on sometime soon.

I’ll be heading down tomorrow morning with my Dad driving me (thanks Dad), to head off on the 3-4 hour drive or whatever it may be, back down to Stafford. It is for this reason that I haven’t been posting reviews and such quite as regularly as of late, and likely won’t get back into a rhythm for a few days.

Dependent on my workload and social life when back at uni, I am hoping to start seasons of reviews. So say every Sunday I post a review in a specific theme (genre, director, actor etc.). This should be along with my normal method of, review it when I see it. These seasons should last about 4 weeks each, so 4 films per season. If anyone has any requests for seasons, please leave a comment or send an e-mail with your feedback and ideas.

Anyway, I thought I’d post this little update in the world of me, and regular service should resume soon.



About Me Updated

26 08 2008

I have updated the about me section of this blog, so now there is some actual information formatted nicely along with some other ways to find out about me.

I’ve also added some links to some of the blogs and podcasts I follow. I’ll likely add more of these later.

A Brave New World

25 08 2008

Hello blogging world.

I guess the first thing for me to post that would make sense would be an introduction. My name is Andrew Brown, I am 21 from South Shields in the North-East of England. I am currently a student at Staffordshire University doing a degree in Film Production Technology (BSc). It is an ambition of mine to become a film-maker, and I believe my current strengths are cinematography and editing.

Along with film-making I am a keen amateur photographer, though as a student I can’t afford all the cool gear I want to use. I am a Canon shooter myself and my lowly 350D has served me well so far.

Before I made this blog I have been thinking about what I would write in a blog and what it would generally be about. And rather than focus on a particular topic I figured I’d blog on all the things that interest me, so this will range from things that are going on in my own life, along with things that catch my eye in the worlds of tech, film, photography etc. as well as my own film reviews and thoughts. So likely an eclectic selections of topics that hopefully won’t become mindless sludge.

Now I know this post is a little bit sludge-like in itself but I hope to make sure future posts more focused.

Cheers Mate.