Nikon D90

27 08 2008

Not to be outdone by Canon’s announcement of their 50D dSLR, Nikon have released details on their up and coming D90 model. Featuring:

  • 12.3-megapixel DX-format CMOS imaging sensor
  • Continuous shooting as fast as 4.5 frames-per-second
  • D-Movie Mode—Cinematic 24fps HD with sound
  • Low noise ISO sensitivity from 200 to 3200
  • 3-inch super-density 920,000-dot color LCD monitor
  • Built-in image sensor cleaning
  • 11-point AF system with Face Priority
  • One-button Live View
  • Nikon 3D Color Matrix Metering II with Scene Recognition System
  • Comprehensive exposure control
  • Auto Active D-Lighting
  • Durable, high precision shutter
  • In-Camera Image Editing
  • GPS geo-tagging 

    Nikon D90

    Nikon D90


Along with the 50D, the D90 is not using a full frame sensor. Though if Nikon’s work on their sensor for the D3 and D700 is anything to go by, this sensor should perform well in low light. But we’ll have to wait until the camera comes out and people can test it before we know for certain.

The thing with the D90 that has stood out the most for me is the ‘D-Movie’ mode, which will:

“Record cinematic-quality movie clips at up to 720p HD (1280 x 720 pixels) in Motion JPEG format, enhanced by NIKKOR interchangeable lens quality and versatility.”

This feature has the potential to change the way the consumer captures video. Although it is only a 720p capture, it captures at 24 frames per second, and most importantly, has full reign over Nikon’s NIKKOR range of lenses. Which in theory should give superb results that far surpass the majority of handheld HD camcorders. Though the fact it records in ‘Motion JPEG format’ makes me uneasy as to what quality the pictures actually come out in, again something that we won’t know for sure until the camera is tested.

Another interesting feature is the GPS geo-tagging, though this requires an optional “GP-1 GPS Unit” to make it work. I believe this feature is something that a lot of people who purchase this camera will adopt, and it is only a matter of time before geo-tagging becomes standard in all cameras, even point and shoot. This is another small step in the life of geo-tagging which will help it become easier and more accessible to use.

The D90 has a recommended retail of $999.95 in the U.S. and I have seen it available for pre-order online in the UK for £749.99, which seems a little unfair considering the pound is so much stronger than the dollar at the moment, but I guess that is capitalism for you.





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